To obtain the full benefit of Brodware planning, service and warranty, Brodware recommends that each customer purchases Brodware products only from an authorised Brodware dealer who can provide a personalised service to each customer for the supply and installation of Brodware products.

An authorised Brodware dealer will ensure that a Brodware customer has the benefit of genuine Brodware products and the Brodware product warranty.

By not dealing with an authorised Brodware dealer:

  • You may not receive genuine high-quality Brodware products.
  • Your delivery may be incomplete. Brodware products usually contain a number of parts in the box and they are checked for completeness by both Brodware Quality Control and by the authorised Brodware dealer.
  • The Brodware products you receive could be out-dated models.
  • Brodware does not sell products under other brand names.

Please contact us for details of our authorised Brodware dealers.